Life gets in the way of life? How true a statement this can be and in my world it has certainly been the case.

I have come up with a variety of topics that in my opinion must be discussed but as I was putting my ideas together, I began to read article after article about how “we, as legitimate chronic pain patients” need to “climb taller and taller mountains” all because we have been dealt with a disease called CHRONIC PAIN.

Physicians are afraid to write for the necessary medications. If we do meet a certified physician whom will prescribe, and we take that legally signed prescription that the DEA has had no problems with to a pharmacist, we are told one of many statements:

“We do not carry that medication any longer,” or “We just ran out of that medication, “or
“We will need to contact the physician, check back with us tomorrow.” The list goes on and on as to why we are not able to obtain what we need.

I have been a chronic pain patient for 18 plus years. I learned a long time ago that medication by itself is not the only treatment modality that we need as patients. There are many other treatments that are able to be used some of the time. So often I have heard how pain medications are” great” and that “they take the pain away.” I have never believed this knowing that usually pain medications only take the edge off of the pain. This is possibly true after a person goes through surgery and maybe as they live each day in chronic pain.

Not long ago, I had told my readers that I have found perhaps the best analgesic which can be used as an adjunct with medications and this is the use of our Minds. Our minds are powerful tools. If I am involved with a person talking about any subject including discomfort, I find during this time period, I am not thinking of myself and how I feel. This diversion approach is possible even if it’s for a short time period. Read a book, watch television or if you are able to, go to a movie.

We as legitimate chronic pain patients get so tired fighting our cause. Many of us dress like anyone else; some are able to go to work or school or participate in so many other various parts of life. In many ways we are able to have a “Quality of Life” because we understand, we do not abuse or take advantage of the medications that we are prescribed.


Fred Brown, Founder