Definition of INHUMANITY

A: the quality or state of being cruel or barbarous
B: a cruel or barbarous act

What other word can chronic pain patients use to describe what we feel like when we go to our physician who hands us a legal prescription and we are unable to get it filled? So many of us use an opioid drug due to a disease that we live with everyday called chronic pain and are told by a pharmacy that “I’m sorry, we no longer carry that medication” or the pharmacist says “I do not believe that you need this strong medication.”

I feel so bad for those families that have lost a loved one from an overdose of medications. And further, I realize the obligation that our Federal Government has in order to close down the illegal “pill mills” but it can’t be at the expense of causing further physical and emotional distress to legitimate chronic pain patients. There has to be a stop to this madness. Our elected officials and Federal agencies such as the DEA must understand what it’s like living day in and day out with chronic pain. For some just getting a ride to their doctor in order to obtain their monthly allowance of legal medications takes a tremendous toll. Let alone for some, getting a ride to the drug store and being told by the pharmacist the many reasons as to why they can’t get the prescription filled. It needs to be a positive statement where like other medications; they will help us find it.

Instead, those that fill the prescriptions have to worry if their pharmacist license will be taken away. For many millions of people they must get the prescriptions filled. Why can’t the items that are such a necessary part of our lives be given to us?

I have been told by some patients of the horrible experiences which they have gone through in order to just make sure that their medications do not run out. If that should happen, an entirely new set of problems begins which none of us can afford to have.

With all of the limitations that have been put in place by some of the Federal Government Agencies along with many of the large drug store chains, we are moving backwards in the treatment of ALL chronic pain patients. This includes patients with cancer and those non-cancer patients (NCP). Those that make decisions such as pulling back on the availability of the strong medications apparently are not aware of what severe chronic pain is like to live with and how it affects our lives.

We began this Web/Blog site to have a platform for those of us that either have the disease of chronic pain or how it has affected our families in a number of different ways. Any further thoughts which you have on this prescription Inhumanity should be posted to the site.

Thank you for your continued support.