Welcome Once Again

I would like to once again welcome you to our Web/Blog site. There is a very pressing issue that is growing by the day and that is we, legitimate chronic pain patients are not being able to obtain our medications from pharmacies with prescriptions written by Board Certified Pain Management physicians.
I understand that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) has a tremendous amount of problems which they deal with and deal with successfully. At the same time, we as patients that rely on our medications need them on a daily basis and need them for very good sound medical reasons since chronic pain is classified as a disease.
There has to be a balance of our needs and the greedy individual Pain Clinics/Pill Mills that have caused so much of these problems and they must be taken down. We as citizens of the United States though have the right when treated by an honest, straight forward physician that has the credentials, and further has the necessary back up materials in our individual charts detailing why we need such strong medications.
We did not ask to have our own individual severe chronic pain problems. But when there are the tools that are available to help treat us along with various other modalities, it is our right for the pharmacies to carry the various medications that are prescribed to us and not be afraid to do so. And the DEA must realize that when various pharmacies are no longer able to carry the drugs that must be made available to us that there are going to be very severe repercussions.
We would welcome any feedback and comments that you believe can help our cause. Please post them on our site as soon as you are able to. Please……