We Are Living Through Difficult Times, Yet…..

Death of a child anytime is a very sad and difficult time.  Our family lost a daughter to cancer, not to a drug overdose.  It is a sad time when children, young adults, and adults die because of playing with very powerful, potent analgesics along with other medications.

I, being a long term legitimate chronic pain patient for over 20 years use opioids along with other medications and realize there are no such things as a “Painkiller” since these strong medications do take the edge off the discomfort, so the patients have an opportunity to a little more quality of life.  Many patients who have commented on this article would not be able to live life without these strong medications called opioids, as I am one of them.

Ideally, we patients must take control of our lives and patients must understand the bottle of opioids by itself is not the total answer.  We must also use other modalities such as physical or occupational therapy, Biotherapy meditational periods and the list in a sense goes on and on.  One method is simply the diversion of the mind.  This can be as simple as reading a book, watching television, if physically possible, take a walk and again the list is truly endless.  It simply is taking one’s mind from themselves and thinking of something else.

After having 4 cervical surgeries with the first 2 failing and the last 2 being anatomically put back together and being fused from cervical level 2 through and including thoracic level 1.   Unfortunately, after healing from the surgical trauma I had to inform my neurosurgeon my pain was much worse post op than pre-op.  I know in my heart my surgeon did everything he could possibly do to get me better.

So, my very compassionate pain management physician tries to keep me as stable as possible with medications, physical therapy, Bio-feedback, counseling, along with injections to help settle down an increase of break through discomfort when it occurs.

These strong medications are necessary for certain people and for some of the Federal Agencies to cut access to opioids is wrong.   One final thought, if our nation experiences one or more major tragic events, is there truly and honestly going to be enough of these medications to handle current and NEW patients who come?

Fred Brown Founder