Life Being Turned Upside Down

A while back, I made a decision to take my own knowledge in pain management and started a web site for patients, their spouse or significant other, their kids, other family members or a friend.  My goal was to create a forum to share their thoughts, feelings and perhaps something new which their own physician may be using which could possibly help someone else.   I believe Depression and Anger can be a large part of living with chronic pain and hope this web site may help the patient openly discuss their feelings.

When the term Painkiller is used, it’s extremely important to me in my opinion, to state there are no such medications. When one is given a Painkiller they are in one of two states. 1. The person is under general anesthesia or 2. They are dead.  Pain medications for chronic pain patients help by taking the edge off so the patient can try and live their life with some quality and dignity.

At the same time a patient who lives in chronic pain must highly consider taking control of their life to the best of their ability.  Yes, pain medications do help but there are also many other modalities they should seriously consider and truly get involved in if they do in fact want a true and better quality of life.

When one is diagnosed with chronic pain which now has been classified as a disease, their Surgeon, Internist, GP or whomever has been caring for them to this point should refer them to a Board Certified Pain Management physician or a hospital’s pain center.

I firmly believe the media must take some responsibility for many stories which start off for   example, a 17- year old killed in a car accident “Oxycodone is to blame.”  It’s as though the following happens; the drug gets a bad name and a picture is painted in how dangerous this particular drug is and that it should not be used since after all, this drug is to blame for the accident.  The part at least here in the State of Florida which never seems to come out is the Florida Medical Examiners report where the finding show the 17 year old driver did have Oxycodone in their system along with Xanax, alcohol, and perhaps other drugs.

I am well aware that we, as a nation do in fact have some major problems with medication, alcohol and gun violence, just to name a few.  Yet, there are a number of legitimate pain patients who in fact need strong medications in order to have a quality of life.  As I stated previously, while taking the necessary quantity and strength of pain medication, it’s important to have and use other modalities as deemed necessary.

Why some people make the decision to take their own life is a rather deep introspection into the behavior of our fellow citizens.  I am very confident to state that when it comes to living in severe chronic pain if the patient is unable to obtain their legally prescribed medication and if the proper dosing of medication is not there and the attending physician of that patient does not modify the medication or bring in the use of other modalities, it can very possibly lead to attempted suicide.

One of the modalities or services which I firmly feel is vital to the chronic pain patient is psychotherapy or counselling.   Going back to my earlier comment about anger and depression, this is something vital to the overall care of the patient.  When their life completely changes as a result of needing to go on permanent disability, it certainly can give the patient a sense of some sort of emotional help and support.

Their life is being turned upside down as a result of the many changes occurring, not only with themselves, their significant other, children and friends and the list goes on.  They are adjusting to a totally new life and then the asking the “why” me questions.

Fred Brown