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Living in chronic pain can be a very difficult, tiring and lonely way to live.  It is a daily struggle to living with chronic pain and still have a quality of life.  So many people living in our nation do in fact require medication along with other venues in order to treat their pain.

The problem of late has been legitimate pain patients not being able to obtain their medications which has created an even bigger problem for our nation and it citizens.

Please join us in posting any comments you may have as a patient, family members such as a spouse or significant other, child or friend.



The intent of this blog site is not to offer medical advice of any kind. Its sole purpose is for users to share personal experiences in dealing with chronic pain. It may from time to time present published articles that relate to chronic pain issues. Any articles or studies presented are for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed in either the articles or studies are those of the articles’ authors—not this blog site.  The user always should seek medical advice from their treating physician.